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I invite a safe, compassionate, and empathetic space for therapy. As a dance/movement therapist,  I integrate my love of dance, movement, and interest in body-based practices with psychology. We all have an embodied story; sometimes it’s easier to express this story verbally while other times it might show up as a sensation, image or movement impulse. Acknowledging these nonverbal stories and making sense of them will help deepen your understanding of your Self.  My framework includes: creativity, movement, and verbal psychotherapy. Along with DMT, I incorporate a relational approach (using our therapeutic relationship to investigate your barriers) to explore what obstacles are preventing you from reaching your therapeutic goals. I love being a therapist and I find my work to be holistic and wholehearted. Together, I want to create a space that feels safe for you. I am LGBTQ+ allied, and racial justice allied, and am aware that I am white and cis-gendered, and of my cultural biases. I acknowledge and invite conversation around how that may impact the space in order for you to feel heard, seen and validated in your experience.

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