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Available Services

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Dance/Movement Therapy

Dance Therapy

Move. Breathe. Grow.

Move. Breathe. Grow. invites us to drop into our bodies, find expression, strength, power and connection through movement. Tap into the power of your creativity. Connect to the mind/body and invite joy, play, and exploration of the self.


No dance or movement experience is required. Wear comfortable clothing

Authentic Movement

Authentic movement is a self-directed form of dance/movement therapy that bridges the unconscious to the conscious. It is a remarkable experience for those who wish to connect to their inner selves, strengthen the wisdom of the body, and facilitate personal growth. 


 No prior experience required. This may be practiced individually, in a group, or as a wellness activity.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual Psychotherapy

Our online psychotherapy sessions provide clients with the convenience and flexibility of receiving therapy from the comfort of their own home. Our therapists use evidence-based practices to help clients overcome challenges and improve their mental health.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision

I offer Supervision for pre-licensed and licensed therapists. Supervision allows clinicians to apply theory in a supportive environment while honing in on your therapeutic frame and pedagogy. Both individual and group supervision is available. 


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